Motivational Interviewing: a Mediator Tool to Help Ambivalent Parties

The parties are close, but both resist one final move. That is the predictable third impasse in many mediations. Some people resist because of stubbornness and others because of ambivalence. Mediators can borrow concepts from Motivational Interviewing to help ambivalent… Continue Reading

Building Rapport is an Essential Skill for Successful Mediators

“The key to mediator success lies in developing rapport with the disputing parties,” concluded Professor Stephen Goldberg of the Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. Professor Goldberg surveyed mediators and disputants over a number of years to determine what… Continue Reading

Book Review: Narrative Mediation: A New Approach to Conflict Resolution

  “Narrative mediation” focuses on perceptions of the parties as revealed by their stories.  If a party says, “My boss has always been out to get me!” then that is the party’s reality, regardless of any objective truth.  Such “totalizing… Continue Reading

How to Mediate Insured Claims and Other Monetary Disputes.

Mediators fantasize about converting fierce opponents into genial joint problem solvers. However, in the real world of personal injury and other lawsuits for money, mediators must help parties who hear the first offer and shout, “That’s insulting! Don’t they realize.… Continue Reading

Improvisational Negotiation: Book Review

Improvisational Negotiation” is a fun little book by Jeffrey Krivis.  Essentially, it is a breezy collection of stories that could loosely be called mediation case studies.  The subtitle sums up the tone and content: “A Mediator’s Stories of Love, Money,… Continue Reading