“Jeff Merrick and I co-mediated an employment law matter pending before the U.S. District Court. Counsel for both sides expressed their appreciation for Jeff’s skills and hard work helping move this case to resolution; I can’t praise his work enough.”
– Honorable Susan Leeson.

I love my work as a mediator because I help people.

I talk with the parties before we all meet to get a feel for the issues, identify tasks for the parties and myself that might improve the odds of settlement, and discuss what process makes sense: same room, different rooms, or both.  I do not believe “one size fits all.”    I listen with care and ask strategic questions to help the parties understand how they can achieve their interests through a negotiated resolution.   Finally, I stay at it.  I keep open the lines of communication, sometimes for weeks, when necessary.  Rapport, empathy, patience and persistence are among key tools in a mediator’s toolkit.

I am on the mediator panels for the following:


American Arbitration Association


U.S. District Court of Oregon


Oregon Judicial Department

Oregon Patient Safety Commission

I am a member of the Oregon Mediation Association, and I follow the OMA Standards of Practice.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.