“Jeff Merrick and I co-mediated an employment law matter pending before the U.S. District Court. Counsel for both sides expressed their appreciation for Jeff’s skills and hard work helping move this case to resolution; I can’t praise his work enough.”
– Honorable Susan Leeson.

I love my work as a mediator because I help people.  Mediators must be the calm center, persistent and patient, and quick to grasp the subtleties of personality, facts and law.  Then, we must employ the tools of our trade to move the parties toward resolution.

I telephone the parties before we meet to get a feel for the issues, identify tasks that might improve the odds of settlement, and discuss what process makes sense: same room, different rooms, or both.  I do not believe “one size fits all.”

I am on the mediator panels for the following:


American Arbitration Association


U.S. District Court of Oregon


Oregon Judicial Department

Oregon Patient Safety Commission

I am a member of the Oregon Mediation Association, and I follow the OMA Standards of Practice.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.