My article in the Oregon Bar Bulletin,  A Conversation with Jacqueline Abel on Small Claims Mediation, discusses mediator best practices and how attorneys become skilled mediators.

My article in The Multnomah Lawyer, Judge Acosta Discusses Mediation, contains Judge Acosta’s observations on what effective attorneys do in mediation.

My article in Trial Lawyer, Deception in Negotiation & Mediation: Where’s the Line?, discusses the line between acceptable advocacy and improper deception in negotiation.

The State of Oregon summarized the costs of claims against the State alleging discrimination.  The summary lists payments to claimants and defense costs by year for years 2003-2009.

Judge LaMar (retired) kept track of verdicts from 1988 – 2009. Her data on verdicts follows: Summary Table; Auto Verdicts; Fall Verdicts.