Know your interests.

UnknownChip Kelly, football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, via University of Oregon, is teaching all negotiators about keeping your interests paramount.

As he said publicly, he will not mortgage the team’s future for Marcus Mariota, but his interest dictate that he will try – very hard – to get Mariota this evening without sacrificing the team’s future.

Coach Kelly won with second-tier players at Oregon because he developed and deployed them better than inferior coaches with superior players with the new style of fast-break football, which won with mismatches, confusion, and superior conditioning. Applying science and math to football increases power and efficiency of the Team. “Chip Kelly football” is to “old football” what Amazon is to Sears Roebuck and Uber is to Taxicab Companies. He’s ahead of the game, but not for long.

Other college teams have caught on and caught up. Oregon ranked 34th in plays per game last season. Pac 12 defenses see many teams spreading the field and playing fast, so the they practice almost weekly and are less overmatched than they were a few years ago.

Kelly sees a short window of scheme advantage. So, he races to accumulate the players he needs to win now. He dumped three pro bowlers because other players play HIS football better: receivers who block, runners who run and not dance, and quicker-witted quarterback who can freeze defenses with his running ability.

Kelly does not need a star system. Oregon made it to the national championship with Darron Thomas (vs. Cam Newton). Mr. Thomas cannot even start in the Arena Football League. And remember Heisman Hopeful Dennis Dixon? Thought not.

Coach Kelly upgraded to Quarterback Sam Bradford. If he can upgrade again, he will.

Coach Kelly is not a mystery. He is pursuing his team’s interest in getting the players he needs to win now.

Chip Kelly believes he found the treasure map, and he is trying to get there before anyone else.

Jeff Merrick