Big news! Employment Law Mediation Instead of Litigation.

After nearly one year as a mediator and 40 mediations, I have stopped representing either employers or employees as an attorney.  Now, for employment law, I serve only as an impartial mediator.  I hope you will consider me the next time your clients want to mediate.

For my first eight years of practice, I counseled and defended employers.  For my last ten years, I counseled and represented employees.  As an attorney, I was pleased (and relieved) when my clients obtained some measure of justice.  However, the human costs and financial impacts of employment litigation concerned me.  As a mediator, I feel terrific when I help people staunch the emotional and financial bleeding, put their disputes behind them, and move forward.

Mediating employment law disputes allows me to use my substantive knowledge of employment law and litigation, plus my understanding of the interests and motivations of employers, employees and their attorneys.  Although I continue my law practice in personal injury actions, my days as an employment lawyer are over as I build my employment law mediation practice.  I look forward to helping more employers and employees resolve their disputes.

Jeff  Merrick

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