Why Merrick Mediation

  • His rational and measured approach was helpful."
    —Party to Litigation
  • "Thanks Jeff, you did a great job."
    —Small Firm Attorney
  • "Thank you for your kindness during the mediation effort.  I enjoyed the experience and want to acknowledge how hard you worked for both parties to bring resolution."
    —Small Firm Attorney
  • "He is smart, resourceful, and works hard.  I know his practice was as a claimant's attorney, but I found him to be very balanced.  I'd use him again immediately on the appropriate employment discrimination claim , or generally, in the right personal injury claim."
    —Big Firm Attorney to Firm’s Attorneys
  • "I was wowed[.]" First, he did a lot of pre-mediation work [to] set the table. Second, he completely earned my challenging client's trust. The thoughtfulness and savvy he employed to keep her in the game was impressive. Third, his follow up was extraordinary.  
    —Big Firm Attorney to Law Partners and Associates
  • "[Y]ou did a great job. . . .  I honestly did not have high hopes for our session.  I'm glad and grateful we had you to keep us on task."
    —Small Firm Attorney
  • "Your assistance was invaluable. You maintained the momentum several times when I was afraid we'd come to impasse.  Good work facilitating a settlement."
    —Small Firm Attorney
  • I don’t think this would have settled without Jeff. We need to use him in the future.
    —Adjuster to defense counsel
  • Jeff was very patient and gave each of us an opportunity to discuss our case.
    —Comment from party
  • Jeff was fair, relaxed and informative.
    —Comment from party
  • Great job mediating.
    —Comment from party
  • Unbiased and fair.
    —Comment from party

Mediation works with a skilled mediator who cares and knows his or her role.

I talk with the parties before negotiations begin to learn about the people, to brainstorm strategies and to identify necessary tasks.  Often our conversation plus one-page of bullet points will suffice in place of a 15-page brief.  Other times, we need a stack of hot documents or journal articles.  Occasionally, the parties will benefit from a well-planned joint session.

Decades of experience plus continual training and learning gives me a deep mediator toolbox, which helps me keep the parties engaged. 

Perhaps most important, I fight hard for both sides because I believe trials rarely are necessary or in the best interest of either party.

Zoom mediations are available.  

Put me to work with an E-mail or phone call.