Trauma Informed Mediation: Helping Distressed People in Mediation.

Mediation is a people occupation.  The best mediators quickly evaluate who is in the room and adapt.  Communication with cool, seasoned pros must differ from our interaction with people who are under the influence of significant distress. Yesterday, I attended… Continue Reading

EEOC Resolutions Announced Last Quarter.

GINA, transgender employees, methadone use, and a temporary restraining order prohibiting retaliation during litigation are among the issues raised in cases resolved by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission last quarter. As usual, I’ll highlight the cases that struck me and… Continue Reading

EEOC Resolutions Last Quarter

Must employer accommodate a religious belief that its biometric time clock is a “Mark of the Beast?” May employee obtain a temporary restraining order against imminent termination? Under what circumstances can criminal background checks constitute discrimination? Answers to these questions… Continue Reading

First Quarter EEOC Settlements.

Accommodating Rastafarian hair, overly broad medical inquiries, and the continued use of the “N-word” are among the items that caught my eye in EEOC news releases. This post highlights what interested me and then summarizes all settlements announced during the… Continue Reading

EEOC Resolutions Announced During the Second Quarter

A lewd customer, combined with management’s failure to respond appropriately to employee complaints about him, cost Oregon retailer Fred Meyer $487,500 to settle sexual harassment charges.  That story, generalized anxiety disorder as a disability, and more, as I recap EEOC… Continue Reading

Early Discussion and Resolution of Adverse Health Care Incidents in Oregon

Today, Oregon’s new law for the Resolution of Adverse Health Care Incidents becomes operational. Here are the top ten things to know about it: [11.]   I’m certified as a mediator for the program with the Oregon Patient Safety Commission. 10.… Continue Reading

EEOC Settlement Data for 3rd Quarter

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) announced settlements of 27 discrimination cases during the third quarter of 2013.  As usual, I will highlight what I found most interesting and summarize the settlement data on most of the other cases. Title VII… Continue Reading