Contact State Senate to Advance Bill to Support People in Mediation

Mediators and others,

HB 2734-A, which allows one spouse to represent both in small claims court mediation and trial, passed 59-0 .  It was one piece of a larger reform, which I proposed

Next, up is the Senate. PLEASE ASK SENATOR PROZANSKI TO CONDUCT A HEARING AND ADVANCE THE BILL for a vote by the Senate. As the 59-0 vote shows, this is a no-brainer, common-sense, fairness issue.

Express any examples you can think of where it was a burden on a family for both husband and wife to appear for small claims mediation and, potentially, trial also. I’ve heard parties express (1) hardship of losing time from work and the money they desperately need and (2) childcare issues. Also, I’ve witnessed the other party seek a default against the spouse who did not appear.

Please copy Senator Frederick, too, because he has been the one carrying the bill in the Senate.


Current Version of bill, HB 2734-A

Thank you!

Jeff Merrick